Friday, July 9, 2010

July 9, 2010

Today was a bit cooler, though we still hit 93 degrees - the sixth day in row over 90.  But with less humidity and a breeze there was a bit more activity on the lake.  I saw this Great Blue Heron on the north shore right about noon time, and with some patience was able to get a shot when he took off, complete with his landing gear still extended.
The blueberries are in full season now, with the low-bush along the trails in the woods and the the high-bush near the lake.  It looks like a good season with all the heat we're having; now we just need a little rain as forecast for tomorrow.
 We saw the barge going up and down the lake this week, bringing loads of top soil to Bryant Island, which likely means the leach field is finished.  They have moored the barge at the east end of the island now - where the house lot is - but have removed the engine compartment and put it up on top of the barge.  Perhaps that means they are done working for a while.
Here's another sign of man's impact on Lake Wicwas.  I found this ancient oil barrel (it's "Texaco Track Roller Lubricant - Medium") down by the inlet near route 104.  It's clearly quite old, but it does show how tenacious mother nature can be!


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