Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 4th, 2010

What a beautiful Independance Day on Lake Wicwas! There were lots of people out enjoying the lake today: kayaks, canoes, fisherpeople, skiers and tubers. There were some clouds in the afternoon, and even a sprinkle of about two dozen raindrops, but a great day for doing anything on the lake. The fishing was quite good today, with lots of action in the morning and in the evening.

This morning four loons swam out from one of the marshes together. There have been two pairs of loons on the lake this year, but this is the first time I've seen them all swimming together as a group. They were clearly comfortable with each other; I'm guessing nesting season is over - another year without a successful nest. After a few minutes a fifth loon came out to join them; one pair hung back to greet it but there was no altercation. The five of them them then swam down the middle of the lake, but the fifth stayed a good distance behind the others. Half way down the lake the lead loon suddenly turned around and took off, flying right down the line of birds. I wondered if would go after the lone loon, but it flew right by and I never saw it return. Its mate then did the same thing, but as soon as it gotten airborne it waterskiied back down and joined the other pair. They then continued down the lake where I lost sight of them in another ten minutes or so.

I found this Water Scorpion near shore today. They reportedly can sting, but I have handled them in the past without any problem. They look like an aquatic relative of a Walking Stick.

Although the big fireworks are tonight, nature's display continues on these warm summer evenings with many fireflies still lighting the fields as soon as it gets dark.

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