Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 7, 2010

With four days of 90 degree weather - and near 100 the last two days - the water in the lake has become awfully warm. With today being very calm, the surface in particular is almost hot. Bits of green algae are starting to coagulate and float near the surface.

This afternoon as Linda and I were floating in the lake we heard a strange croaking sound, like a cross between a Bull Frog and a duck. It was against the shore, and it was joined by a rustling of leaves. Paddling over to investigate, it took me a while to locate it, but finally I found the source: a large Bull Frog fully engaged in the mouth of an even larger Northern Water Snake. Thus the sound of a somewhat altered frog. I took a couple of pictures, but the snake had hidden itself quite well under leaves to enjoy its meal in privacy. It did however crawl into the lake when it saw me, and finished its lunch there.

Another live nature show on Lake Wicwas.

Later in the evening a single loon was floating in front of the house, providing an opportunity for some great photos.

The lake level is holding up very well considering the hot weather and the lack of rain.

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