Sunday, April 1, 2012

April 1, 2012

A lot has changed around Lake Wicwas since my last real entry on March 11.  All the snow and ice is gone, and the cultivated bulbs are blooming! 

I couldn't find snow even in the last places it lingers, such as the bottom of the north facing ledges - nothing but porcupine scat. 
Porcupine Scat

There was a remnant of snow where it had piled up after sliding off the roof, but that doesn't count.

It always takes a while to get used to looking out and seeing blue water again after the drab gray of winter snow and ice, but it sure is nice to see the trees reflecting in the morning sunshine.  Warm days of swimming, boating, and fishing aren't far away now!

Lots of migratory birds have been visiting this week.  We've seen ring-necked ducks, wood ducks, mergansers, and of course, Canada geese. 
Canada Goose

They are all negotiating with each other over territory.  I watch one goose chase away a pair that was scouting the shore line for a nesting area.  I also saw two small wood ducks shoo away a flock of much larger ringed-neck ducks.  The wood ducks just flew at the group of ring-necks, and off they went.
Ringed-neck Duck

Now they're here
Now they're gone!

Later a few more wood ducks joined them, forming a small group of three mating pairs.
Wood Ducks

The water level in the lake is very low at the moment - a good seven inches below full, with water still flowing over the dam.  We'll be in good shape if we get heavy spring rains, but if we have a drought, it could be an interesting summer for the lake.  Boaters should beware of shallow rocks until the level comes back up.
Beaver sticks mark the usual full lake level

And an epilog to the deer and coyote story that started back on January 21:  we found the remains of the deer's backbone and pelvis left right in the middle of a trail that runs along the shore of the lake.  Either a fox or a coyote must have dragged it onto shore for final picking of the bones.
Something moved the remains from the lake onto land

But that was winter, and now it is spring - the time of renewal - and love is in the air.

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  1. Very uplifting to see the lake so clear and with no snow or ice. Looking foward to fishing it this summer!