Sunday, March 25, 2012

March 25, 2012

Well, who knew that when I left for Colorado to get some skiing with the family, I'd come back to New Hampshire and find Spring!  I guess I missed summer - the report was it hit 82 degrees, but today it's back in the 40's.

I never expected to miss ice-out;  just two weeks ago the ice was 13 inches thick.  But Tom C. reported that, in what may be the warmest winter ever, Lake Wicwas had ice out on March 22nd!  Lake Winnipesaukee ice out came just one day later on March 23, setting a record for the earliest ice out by one day.  The previous record was March 24, occurring in 2010 - two new records in two years - global warming anyone?  Tom also saw the first blue heron of the year just today.  Perhaps those snow fleas knew something the weather forecasters couldn't predict. 

So, I missed the entire coming of spring in the 2012 - no pictures to share.  We'll probably get a blizzard in April, so maybe I'll get another chance.  But at least it was still winter in Colorado - here are a couple pictures to prove it!

 Photo Credit:  Emily Fisken
Steamboat Springs, Colorado

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