Friday, October 28, 2011

October 28, 2011

Lake Wicwas experienced a quick transition from fall to winter yesterday; or maybe it was just that winter encroached on fall.  There was a decent little snow storm last night, although with the warm water in the lake, it didn't amount near the lake.  It was quite interesting to see rather heavy snow just a short distance from the lake, but very little near the shore.  The difference was very evident in the morning, as there was snow on the still-yellow trees in the distance, but nothing close to the lake.  It is clear evidence of the micro-climate around even small lakes, which is much greater around the larger lakes, and shows why vineyards are planted on the hills around water.
With the cold night, in fact the first night cold enough for a killing frost, we had the first ice forming on the lake in the protected marshes with open exposure to allow radiational cooling.

But the geese haven't decided that summer is over; they are still hanging around (as is our immature loon, although its parents seem to have left for warmer climes).

It sure is unusual to see snow on the leaves.  I can't wait to see what Sunday brings, with another forecast for October snow!  (On another note, the Cardinals just won the World Series.)

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