Sunday, October 2, 2011

October 2, 2011

I don't know whether it's due to fewer people around the lake, or whether it's just the season, but there's been a lot more life visible around lake Wicwas this week.  In particular the water fowl are very active.  We found a lot of different ducks around the various coves and marshes. 

The geese are also out swimming, flying, and honking a lot.  Perhaps there are others groups stopping by "their" lake on early migrations.  We heard a report on Sunday that the loon family was spotted up at the south end of the lake.

We also saw a flock of five turkeys walking behind the house.  We watched them through the window, but as soon as they detected the slightest motion behind the window they turned into the woods and just disappeared - their camouflage is incredible.  It's clear why people say turkey is one of the most challenging of all game to hunt.  Later that evening we came across a group of four deer walking down the same road.  I didn't get pictures of either of these events, but here are some shots I got in the same location last year.

The color is starting to deepen on the hills behind the lake, though it will be another week or two before it peaks.  Columbus day weekend should be pretty as usual.  And the water is still reasonably warm - we both took a quick swim on Friday after working around the house.

And here's a sunset bring to a close another classic New England autumn day.

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