Sunday, October 9, 2011

October 9, 2011

The color on the trees is starting to get brighter.  It is probably at its peak intensity right along the shores of Lake Wicwas, but it still has a ways to go pretty much everywhere else.  The turn seems to be later than usual this year, perhaps due to lots of rain in the summer and now warm weather in the fall.  Today the temperature hit 77 degrees, with a strong, warm west wind.  We both got in quick swims, but it was pretty chilly.
Sunrise on Lake Wicwas
Maples along the Shore
Not Much Color Away from the Lake  (North from the "White Mountain Ledge")

Even with warm days, it still cools off very quickly as soon as the sun goes down, and by morning the temperatures have been in the 40s, but that didn't stop these fishermen from starting out early.

There were also duck hunters out this weekend, with their shots being heard right at 30 minutes before sunrise when the regulations allow it.  Lots of loud booms, and with all ducks around, I expect they some success.  It's hard enough getting a picture of them, as they are so easily flushed.  I guess that's why the hunters are out in their boats and in position well before daylight.

The booms didn't seem to bother the deer, as I heard one snorting at me as I went by a field, and certainly this red squirrel was more annoyed at my presence than the sound of a shot gun.

Later in the day when Linda was out working in the yard she had another deer snorting at her.  Perhaps they are males staking out their territory;  guarding their mates.

By the time the sun was in full force, there was a swarm of bees all over the fall blossoms - yellow jackets, honey bees, and of course the bumble bees.  This one had a good harvest of pollen attached to its hind legs.

I also came across several of these unidentified beetles in the warm sun, this one hanging onto our window screen.

We received a generous invitation from some new friends who live on Arbutus Hill to come up to enjoy some fresh-made apple cider, beautiful views, and great conversation.  We also came home with an assortment of fabulous apples grown in their own orchard right here between the shores of Lake Pemigewasset and Lake Wicwas!  (We've already sampled some of each!)  We're looking forward a return visit soon!

Just after sunset, a couple of jet liners came overhead on their routes from Europe, leaving an "X" to mark the spot where Lake Wicwas enjoyed a fantastic fall weekend.  I hope everyone got out one of these past few nights to enjoy the bright, near full moon, illuminating perhaps the last warm weather of 2011!
"X"  Marks the Spot

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