Sunday, September 25, 2011

September 25, 2011

Two weeks ago autumn came to Lake Wicwas, with cool temperatures – down into the 30’s over night. Mornings brought thick mist rising off the warm lake, condensed by the cool air, and signs of early color contrasted the dark greens of most of the trees. After a few of these cool days with crisp north-west winds, the lake temperature dropped noticeably.

The cool temperatures didn’t dissuade the fishermen, as these hearty souls appeared out of the mist on a cool, breezy morning.

But in true New England Fashion, summer made a reprise this past week.  Warm, very humid weather returned, along with yet more rain.  The rain and temperature reinvigorated the mushroom as well as the people around the lake.  Giant stands of thick, heavy fungi formed around the bases of old tree stumps in just a day or two.

In contrast, I discovered this dry, brightly colored fungus growing along an old branch lying on the ground.  One of the more beautiful mushrooms I have seen, looking more like a bright mineral deposit.  It makes me think it must be pulling some specific mineral content from the soil to get that rare blue color.

I haven’t seen the new loon for a couple of weeks, but I assume it is still around, and will be for several more weeks.  This is last time I saw it, on September 9th, and I’m sure it’s grown more since then.

I did find a partial skeleton on in a clearing near the lake.  Its identity is unknown to me, though it is possibly a canine – a fox, coyote, or a dog.   It seems too large for a fox, with a leg bone, probably a radius, over six inches long.  The scapula might give it away to a knowledgeable person.
Canine Skeleton Remains

Fall is just around the corner.

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