Sunday, July 14, 2013

July 14, 2013

Lake Wicwas is enveloped in a summer weather pattern.  More hazy, hot, humid days with strong thunderstorms.  The result is the lake is still 8 inches above full level in the middle of July.  When the thunderstorms are at bay, like the past two days, we've had some very calm and quiet days.  I've been entertaining myself watching the fly catchers around the lake.  A small flock of King Birds has been in the area, sitting in the tip-tops of the oak trees in the afternoons and evenings, flitting out and catching numerous insects large and small. 
King Bird

One pair was bringing tasty morsels their chick.  One evening they were joined by a group of Great Crested Flycatchers.  These birds were also catching insects on the wing, but they also hopped around in the branches, picking caterpillars and other bugs right off the leaves.
Great Crested Flycatcher

Here's an insect that managed to escape the birds, collecting its own sustenance.  I wonder if the birds would go after a bumble bee.
Bumble Bee

All the animals around Lake Wicwas are taking advantage of nature's summer bounty to fatten up.  Look at the size that the Water Spiders have attained in just a few weeks:
Water Spider

I saw a blueberry bush shaking on a perfectly calm day, and found the culprit - a chipmunk enjoying a good anti-oxidant meal. 
I see you!
Look at those fat cheeks:

There goes another one!

On a visit to Arbutus Hill a generous farmer shared their crop of fabulous blueberries with us - much easier than competing in the wild bushes with chipmunks and mosquitoes!  On the plus side, although still plentiful, the deer flies have started to decrease in number.

The summer flowers are still blooming, but some of the best color can be found at, or on the water.  The water lilies and pickerel weed are bloonming, as is a pretty pink flower I have yet to identify.

Pickerel Weed

Did you see the little fly?

Unidentified - Any ideas?
 After another great summer weekend, I just can't resist adding yet another warm summer day sunset.

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