Monday, March 4, 2013

March 3, 2013

March is here, and with it came the start of mud season.  Mild weather has softened the top few inches of plowed roads, and areas with sun exposure are already getting squishy.  But the roads are nothing compared to the lake.  The rain, snow, sun and warmer temperatures have created a deep slush layer underneath a couple of inches of snow on the lake.  Snow shoeing is barely  possible, as even then one sinks into the slush on occasion.  I even saw a snowmobile get stuck in the quagmire.

Yesterday was a beautiful day out, and it's fun to get out and see what's going on around the lake.  The newest house on the lake is taking shape now, and it looks to be another beauty, complete with a turret and weather-vane.

Another sign of warmer weather is the arrival of the snow fleas.  When I pulled a branch out of the snow, a flurry of fleas came off it - perhaps they are attracted to the warmth that the dark wood absorbs.

And this was a very unique find in the middle of the woods, a good hundred yards from the shore.
Fresh Water Mussel

Some creature must have brought this clam up from the water's edge, though there were no signs of tracks nearby.  Another mystery at Lake Wicwas.

All the recent snow did have an important role for the Lakes Region:  It put down a solid foundation for the Laconia World Champion Dog Sled races this weekend.  The race center was right at the bottom of Meredith Center Road.
Laconia World Championship Dog Sled Races

There was lots of action in the staging area with the teams getting ready to go.
Staging Area

There were both traditional sleds and high tech racing machines.

Lots of excitement at the starting line as the dogs knew they were about to be let loose.  Some teams were very animated, while others were quite calm and patient.
The Starting Line

And then they were off, with snow flying in the air!
They're Off!

Coming back to the finish line, the teams were just as fast and energetic, but their flapping tongues betrayed their great exertion.
The Finish

Here's some action footage of one team starting, and another approaching the finish.

So 2013 has been a good winter for Meredith, as we got in all three major events:  Pond hockey, Fishing derby, and Dog sled races.  It looks like another good month of winter is ahead, although a few impatient things are trying to get an early start on spring!

Crocus Shoots

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