Sunday, October 21, 2012

October 21, 2012

It's transition time at Lake Wicwas.  One day it feels like summer is trying to hang on, and the very next day it feels like winter is around the corner.  Saturday was warm and humid; nice enough to go out on the lake for a paddle.  There were dragonflies in the air, water striders on the lake, bumble bees on the flowers, gnats or flies swarming around, and even a spider out enjoying the sun.

I also saw two Osprey - unless it was the same one twice - and our young Loon still on the lake, though no sign of its parents.

The foliage is past peak now;  the primary colors are the burnt yellow of beech and the dark red and maroon of oak, with an occasional bright splotch of aspen.

The blueberry and huckleberry are also providing some bright red color along the shore line.

The heavy rain late in the week followed by the warm, humid weather seems to have brought out a battalion of mushrooms, mostly of one variety.  There are masses of them everywhere.  They emerge brown with a slimy, sticky liquid on them, and then turn white and drier in a day or two.

There was a fishing tournament on the lake this weekend.  They were out early in the morning with the temperature in the 40s.  My first thought was, that doesn't look like much fun.  But then I figured it's no different than skiers out in -20 windchills, or golfers waiting at the first tee for the frost delay to end.  People are just in love with their chosen pastime!

Earlier the same morning a flock of six Wood Ducks came by looking for breakfast - and evading the morning hunters!
Wood Ducks


Vestiges of summer, then inklings of winter.  It's that time of year.

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