Sunday, May 14, 2017

May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!

The world is unfurling around the lake just in time for Mother's Day, even if today wasn't very pretty. But the hills are turning green and whether you look high or low, buds are reaching out to find the sun.
The hills are alive with green
High above, trees are forming new leaves to gather in the sun's increasing energy.
Red Maple
Paper Birch

  And down at your feet ferns are unfurling fronds to do the same.
A Bracken Fern emerges

The warm weather this week brought out the black flies in force.  "Something Wild" did a story on the importance of black flies - you can listen to it here.  It doesn't make them any more tolerable, but at least it shows that we live in a healthy environment, and without them we wouldn't have the cheery sound of warblers and thrushes singing in springtime.

I saw this pretty Common Yellowthroat hopping around the bushes along the shore of the lake this week.
Common Yellowthroat (Geothylpis trichas)
I took the following picture two years ago, but I think of it whenever I get annoyed by black flies circling around my head - proof that something really does appreciate those little black tormentors.
A Yellow-rumped warbler reduces the count by one
Another of our distinguished summer residents has returned to New Hampshire:  the Osprey.  I saw my first of the season as it sped across the lake early one morning.
First Oprey sighting of the year

Only after I looked at the picture did I see that it was on a mission to avoid the eagles and find a safe spot to enjoy its breakfast after a successful morning fishing excursion.
Breakfast via air mail
The much larger Bald Eagle would be happy to steal a fish from a hard working osprey.

As larger species are putting out leaves, the smaller flowering trees continue to regale us with their spring display.
Hobblebush viburnum keeping things pretty
I'm looking forward to the lilac blooming, which will be our next performer, adorning the countryside with both color and aroma!

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