Sunday, September 8, 2013

September 8, 2013

Lake Wicwas suddenly finds itself feeling like fall, even though it's still summer by the calendar.  The color of the sky and the cool, dry wind on surface of the lake reflecting the lower angle of the sun prove that summer is just about behind us. 
 Even thought the calendar says it's summer, meterologists consider September the start of fall - and one can understand why.

At least the water is still warm - unusually so for this time of year.  But with a few more cold nights, it won't be swimming-temperature for long.
Mist on Lake Wicwas on a Cool September Morning

There was a large bass tournament on the lake this weekend, with lots of serious fisherman.  But sometimes all the fancy equipment can't outdo a row boat and a fly rod!

On the nature front, I found quite a few of these bright green katydids over the past few weeks. 

This guy had decided to take up a perch on a sponge right on our door step.  Katydids are are also known as Bush-Crickets.  If you want an easy way to differentiate a cricket from a grasshopper, just remember that crickets have long, thin antennae, while grasshoppers have short, thick ones. 

If you've been outside at all, you've surely noticed all the mushrooms and fungi everywhere - here's a quite large one. 
September 3rd

Just one week earlier this very same mushroom was a bright yellow.
August 14th
It's time to really enjoy these waning days of summer - scenes like this will become increasingly rare now!
Peaceful, Late Summer Evening

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