Saturday, August 18, 2012

Lake Wicwas Paddle Regatta

This has now become a favorite tradition at Lake Wicwas:  the Great Paddle Regatta.  And it appears it is also a tradition for it to be a fantastic day - just look at this blue sky and blue water!

This year's regatta was hosted by Chuck and Bev, and it had a great new twist - a scavenger hunt.  Participants were given a sheet with photographs of interesting landmarks around the lake, and people scouted the shoreline to locate each of them.  The photos were accompanies by clever clues and witty comments.  After locating the sites, people re-grouped at Marion Cove (yes, about the farthest away point on the lake, but that was to help work off all the food we were about to consume).  Here the flotilla is rounding the final mark heading down the homestretch.

There was lots of help landing canoes and kayaks at the landing site.

While the master chef was cooking the BBQ and preparing her world-renowned baked beans,

the kids had a blast on the newly renovated bongo, launching each other into the lake.

This one gets the gold medal for highest launch!

Then the master of ceremony presented the awards, after getting the baton passed from last year's hosts.

Of course, first the school teacher had to make sure everyone understood the directions.

Now the awards:

It was a fabulous day;  our utmost thanks go the wonderful hosts for all their preparation and great organization of the event!

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