Sunday, August 12, 2012

August 12, 2012

It was a busy weekend, with Wicwas Day (a great time as always!) and then a triathlon in Boston (I was a spectator, not a particiant - that was Dustin and his friend Matt, who by the way, came in 19th overall out of a field of over 900!).  But I still managed to get in a walk and found a pair of hawks. 

The Broad Winged-Hawks we saw back on May 20th are nesting down the road from our house.  I hear them frequently, and have seen both of them several times in the same area - a clearing at the power lines where they probably have good hunting.  They are constantly calling to one another:  loud, shrill shrieks.  Last weekend, walking back from the Lake Wicwas Association meeting we followed them a long ways down our road as they flew along the road from tree to tree. 

Saturday morning, I found them again, with one of the sitting in the open on a wire. 
Broad-Winged Hawk

By following the sound of the calls I was able to locate its make, perched on a tree branch at the edge of clearing. 

I watched until they flew off, one after the other;  it's surprizing how quicking they alight, and how difficult it is get a picture.

Down closer to the ground, a lot of rain recently has started the mushrooms growing rapidly.  There should be many to see over the month or two.

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