Sunday, November 7, 2010

November 7, 2010

Another sign that the cold weather is coming:  the animals are putting on their warm winter coats.  Here's a picture this week of the red fox, followed by what he (she?) looked like back in the middle of summer (August 8th):
Red Fox, October 30, 2010
Red Fox, August 8, 2010

In addition to lots of deer and moose droppings, there was this otter scat left right in the middle of a trail about 30 yards from Lake Wicwas.  Otter scat is distinguished by a very soft consistency, and a preponderance of fish scales.
River Otter Scat
Town of Meredith Ground Water Assessment Flag
If you've been on the trails around Lake Wicwas you may have noticed a lot of surveying flags.  According to Don Berry, president of the Lakes Region Conservation Trust, the town of Meredith is doing a ground water assessment, and these flags are part of the ongoing research.  They are going to be removed when the assessment is complete.

On the ridge on the red trail going towards the White Mountain Ledge in the Hamlin area, I saw pile of fresh wood chips on the ground, and looking up I saw the hole in a dead tree where the pileated woodpecker had been pursuing insects.  It wasn't the distinctive square hole one usually finds, but clearly the work of a pileated.  As I stopped to take a picture, I heard the bird hammering away at another tree nearby.  And then, a few minutes later while looking out over the White Mountain Ledge, I saw the bird take wing across the expanse to the north, flashing its distinctive white wing spots as it flew, and landed in white pine.

There has been lots of other bird activity this week, including Blue Jays, which have not been prevalent until the last couple of weeks.  I saw a group of seven migrating mallards, but I did not see any loons - has anyone seen them in the last week?

Finally, although the water is receding, it is still high and flooding lower lying areas around the lake.

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