Sunday, March 26, 2017

March 26, 2017

A nice little surprise arrived in the Lakes Region on Friday:  a sudden drop of five inches of dry snow instead of the forecasted rain with a little wet snow.  
Replenishing the snow supply
Even though it was followed by a bit of freezing drizzle it freshened things up nicely and allowed at least a few more rounds of mid-winter ski conditions.
Nordic by the lake

Alpine at Ragged with clouds clearing to the north on the morning after the storm
Our little furry and feathered friends didn't seem to mind as they came out to play in the snow, the squirrels tunneling under the fresh snow in search of seeds and then popping up, snow-covered, to eat their buried treasure, with the snow on their coats proving what we all know:  fur coats are warm.
We know fur coats are good insulators

Their airborne comrades dropped plenty more down for them, the snow collecting on their heads showing that feathers are also good insulators.
Snow on its head shows that feathers also have good insulating properties

Still, a small bird like a chick-a-dee can lose up to 10% of its body weight just keeping itself warm through a cold winter night.

Earlier in the week the ground dwellers took advantage of the corn cob, stripping the kernels from the cob onto the ground, then sitting there happily munching down on them.

Chipmunks have been out and about, and one theory says that when the chipmunks are out, so are the bears, so the birds better enjoy it while it lasts, as soon the feeders will be back safely hidden away from the bears. 
A Hairy Woodpecker takes advantage of the easy food

Unless, of course, mother nature continues to extend our winter!

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