Monday, July 4, 2016

July 4th, 2016

Happy Independence Day!  This was a weekend for people on Lake Wicwas.  Everyone enjoyed a bright, breezy, beautiful holiday weekend which featured people enjoying all manner of activity on the water.

The stiff winds had the sailboats with their colorful sails zipping across the water. 

Sailing on a small lake is one of the more challenging adventures as the wind whipping around the mountains and islands provides a never-ending change of wind speed and direction.  If you can sail on a lake in New Hampshire, you have learned how to sail!

The fishermen prefer the early morning when the winds are calmer, but all day long they will poke along the protected edges of the lake in search of their prize.

Paddlers of all types were out in force.

Canoeing in a stiff wind and light chop is not for the timid

As were swimmers.

And people preparing for the Olympic synchronized diving qualifiers.

Some were swimming in the middle of the lake using pontoon boats as staging areas.

And there were skiers and boarders, with their sport made more challenging by the wind.

A bit of a chop adds to the excitement
All were sharing the lake, and no matter what they were doing, everyone seemed to enjoy the weekend.  Now the loons just need to learn how to share.  Even if they haven't figured that out yet, they can at least enjoy the occasional quiet moment in this beautiful spot we call Lake Wicwas.

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