Sunday, November 23, 2014

November 23, 2014

I missed being able to track the changes around Lake Wicwas the past few weeks, as we were away on a trip to the south.  We managed to stay just ahead of the first polar plunge for the year, but traveled back through it.  It was in the twenties way down in South Carolina!

I am always surprised by how similar the southern Appalachian mountains are to our own white mountains.

Caesars Head State Park, South Carolina
 The foliage there is several weeks behind ours, with some nice color still to be found at the right elevations.

Farther south in Florida I observed very different water fowl than we have in New Hampshire, with some interesting methods of catching their food.  My favorite were the pelicans, which soar low over the ocean, flying up when they see lunch, and then just letting themselves crash-land into the water to load up their bills with small fish.  The seagulls follow closely behind, hoping to pick up any stray leftovers.

Back in central New Hampshire, I was surprised to see a layer of ice already on parts of the lake.

There were also a few remnants of snow from a storm while I was away.

As it was warm today, the ice is mostly gone, and with more warm weather and rain coming, it will likely all be gone soon.  I'll then get to watch it form again.

I probably missed most of the migratory birds, but I did see a large flock of what looks like mergansers on the lake.

They were far away, so it was hard to tell.  Also far away was a lone, grayish-brown diving bird.  It looked like our loon chick, but again, I will have to watch over the next few days to be sure.

Hunting season for deer is in full swing now - for humans with firearms, that is.

Watch out Bambi!
Deer are always in season for other predators.  One evening a deer walked carefully along a frequently traveled game trail, followed just a few hours later by a coyote, close on its trail.

There is never a safe moment for a deer.  I couldn't count how many deer we saw killed along the highways between New Hampshire and Georgia.

Although is rather gray and drab around Lake Wicwas in late November, there are still some beautiful sights to be seen at the right moment.

The beauty of winter isn't far off now.

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