Sunday, March 9, 2014

March 8, 2014

More signs that spring is coming, albeit slowly:  Wide temperature variations.  On Friday the morning low was a cool 6.5 degrees below zero.  And the afternoon high was 41.7 - a 48 degree difference.  That's what happens when March sunshine on cloudless day collides with another arctic air mass.  It was a spectacular day;  I wasn't at Lake Wicwas, but was in the White Mountains, where we were treated to stunning views all day long. 
Presidential Range

The Rock Pile

Saturday was almost as nice, though the clouds were filling in as the day went on.  It was warm enough to soften the snow on the lake for some nice skiing, so I took a trek around the lake.  Once again I saw few signs of wildlife, but plenty of people enjoying the day.  The Lake Wicwas Turnpike continues to be heavily traveled with a well-worn path down the lake.
The Wicwas Turnpike
Entrance Ramp from Chemung Rd.

I didn't check the ice depth, but with another cold week it has surely only gotten thicker, so the route may be in service for quite some time.

No wildlife spotted this week, but here are some late-winter scenes from around the lake.

Crockett's Ledge and the Western Shore
Smith's Landing and the Northern Shore

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