Sunday, February 10, 2013

February 10, 2013

Well now it's looking like winter around here.  The blizzard of 2013 was kind to Lake Wicwas.  It gifted us with about 15 inches of beautiful, fluffy powder, yet even with the strong winds there weren't any significant power outages - both results of the cold temperatures which kept the snow light and not sticking to the trees.  But the wind sure did blow the snow around.  Here's the view looking out the door on Saturday morning.

Callum and I took a snowshoe excursion as the snow was winding down, but not the wind - we were well prepared with warm clothes and goggles.  In the woods the wind wasn't too bad, but out on the lake it was pretty wild.

Back to reality, the work started.

Sometimes it seemed pretty futile,

But Callum was a great help!

And the wind created impressive sculptures.

By late afternoon the sun was breaking through, allowing the late sun to illuminate the pristine snow with a pink glow.

Followed by a brilliant winter sunset.

The storm stole the headlines from what was supposed to be the event of the weekend:  The Great Meredith Rotary Ice Fishing Derby.  Some hearty soles braved the weather on Saturday, but not us - we waited until Sunday, which brought a beautiful post-Nor'Easter New Hampshire day.  Temperatures were near thirty degrees, the wind was calm, and the sky was clear and blue.  Meredith Bay had turned from a hockey town to a good size village on the lake.
Winter  Village on the Ice  (Compare this picture to last week!)

There were bob houses of all sizes, from the elegant and well landscaped,

to the austere (but with a nice front door),

to the large, peaceful, and comfortable - complete with two stories.

We were there around noon time, so there weren't a lot of fish on the board yet, but I'm sure it filled up by the end of the day.  The largest at the time was a 3.8 pound pickerel;  yesterday there was a six pound lake trout.  As a note, all the fish are taken to the Squam Lakes Science Center where they are used to feed the animals there.

Late morning on the Leader Board

There's nothing like a bluebird sky after after a winter storm.

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