Sunday, October 17, 2010

October 17, 2010

Fall has certainly arrived at Lake Wicwas, even though there hasn't been a hard frost yet.  The lowest temperature I've recorded is 32.9F;  we wonder how much the lake affects the air temperature close to the lake this time of year.  With lots of rain the past few days, the lake is now well above full level, showing +10 inches at the dam on Saturday.  Many of the low areas around the shore are flooded, and the water is rushing madly over the dam and on its was to Lake Winnesquam.

The foliage is still quite pretty, with the maples very colorful, and now the oaks starting to turn.  In the hardwood forests along the lake there were beautiful carpets of fresh maple leaves after the heavy rain and strong winds of the past few days.

After some windy days, Sunday was calm enough for a kayak tour, and the lake is so high I was able to navigate around an island through a channel that is usually impassable.  It appears the lily pads are gone, but in fact they are just a few inches under water, as the water rose faster than they were able to extend their stems.

Most of the ducks are gone now - I saw only two - but the geese are still here, all 26 or 27 of them.  

The young ones are now indistinguishable from the elders.
I didn't see the loons, but I expect they are still on the lake - it's too early for them to leave.  The trees on the hill on the west side of the lake are as nice as any fall, even with the dry weather this summer.

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