Sunday, August 1, 2010

August 1, 2010

July of 2010 will have to go in the record books as one the best summer months ever, and it looks like August is going to keep up the trend.  Today was another fabulous day on the lake, with clear, dry weather, bright sunshine, and light winds.  There were lots of pontoon boats and kayaks on the lake, and a couple of sail boats as well.

We do love the wildlife on Lake Wicwas, but sometimes it can drive you crazy.  We seem to have stopped (or at least curtailed) the deer from eating Linda's flowers, and now this weekend Linda caught the goldfinches eater her black eyed Susans!  We took in the bird feeders in the spring to keep the bears away, so now the birds are finding their own food - they were just sitting on the Susans and daises, ripping out the petals and eating them.
 This morning I found this hole dug, with what appears to be turtle egg shells around it.  It was about 25 feet from the lake in soft soil.  If it is turtle eggs, it's not clear whether they hatched out, or whether a predator got them.  Seeing how the shell fragments are spread around, rather than left in the hole, I expect it was the latter.

A bit farther down the trail I found these tiny yellow fungus growing out of a patch of moss, casting long shadows in the early morning sun.

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