Sunday, April 16, 2017

April 16, 2017

Happy Easter!
Easter Morning at Lake Wicwas
Yes, with warm weather this week, real signs of spring are visible around the lake.  The ice on Wicwas still has a ways to go, but it is opening up good size gaps around the shore now and the surface is getting that translucent blue appearance indicating the end is near.
Saturday at the boat ramp

That's what a couple of days in the 80s will do for us - in addition to a good attitude adjustment!

When that warm humid air descended on the frozen lake it formed wisps of fog that blew across the ice.

Then as the wind shifted to the north in the late afternoon, blowing in colder air to attack the moist air from both sides, the fog turned dense.

By evening the fog was dissipating just enough to provide an eerie sky and an orange sunset.
Mysterious Evening.  Photo credit: Sue DeMund Mangers

We lost a good foot of snow pack in two days, revealing the first signs of color in a long time.
Partridge Berries revealed in time for Easter
Though there is still snow to be found in cool, shaded areas.
Plenty of snow around on Saturday
On any walk now the air is filled with the song of birds praising the spring warmth - and attracting mates.  The pretty call of the Song Sparrow can be heard everywhere;  you can listen to it here.

They aren't as well camouflaged when they sit on the snow.

We also had the first beaver sighting of the year.  We saw ripples in the skinny channel of open water far away along the shore, and were pretty sure what was making them, as the time was about quarter-past-beaver in the evening.  It took a while, but eventually it made its way along the shore to our vantage point, at which point it hopped up out of the water and onto the ice.

It snuffled around in the water where we had cut some branches on the ice this past winter.

It somehow detected there was food there and found a few scraps left behind to nibble on.

It turned to wave goodbye to us before slipping back into the ice cold water to go on its way.

What's one of the best, brightest, and surest signs that spring is here?  Male goldfinches shedding their drab winter feathers for their spring, get-a-girl plumage.
Still a few gray feathers left, but almost dressed and ready to go out for a date
It is spring, and love is in the air.

Late breaking update:  The Thorpes saw a pair of Bald Eagles on the lake, and Sue Mangers just reported the first loon has arrived!
More animals waiting for the ice to melt!  Photo by Dave Thorpe
Photo by Dave Thorpe
The first loons!  Photo by Anne Crane


  1. I'm very excited to hear that the loon has found it's way back to your Lake... more are sure to arrive soon, and though our Jocassee loons are long gone, migrators are stopping by daily, so we actually see them in flight now!

    1. We'll take good care of them and hopefully send back more than we received! So glad that New Hampshire has outlawed lead fishing tackle.