Sunday, July 21, 2013

July 21, 2013

The long stretch of hot and humid weather finally ended last night, much to everyone's relief.  And the strong thunderstorms that were predicted to occur when the front came through never hit Lake Wicwas - they just skirted us to the north.  Which was a good thing, because the Lake Wicwas Association was having a wonderful event at the lake just at the time the front passed!  The association was recognizing another of the many conservation events around Lake Wicwas, this time for the effort that created Hamlin Park.  Several members of the Hamlin family were present for the event.
LWA President Tom Crane Recognizing the Many Conservation Efforts around Lake Wicwas
Presentation to Beate Hamlin by LWA Board Member Marge Thorpe

Everyone who attended had a good time, and we all thank the gracious hosts for their generosity and hospitality!

I had some challenging bird identification this week, after seeing two different groups of birds flitting around the shore line, feasting on the berries now ripening.  My best guesses are that one is a pewee and the other is a warbler, but both could be wrong.  Any guidance from bird experts would be welcome here.
Yellow Warbler?

Enjoying the Blueberries left by the Chipmunks
The Pewee(?) was enjoying some little red berries which I have not been able to identify either.  Not a good week for me;  I have more work to do!

Those pictures were taken in the morning near a marsh where many Fragrant Water Lilies are blooming.  They provide quite a colorful show on the water.
Fragrant Water Lilies

There has been a fair amount of Gypsy Moth damage to the trees this year, primarily the oaks, which are their favorite food source.  However, some of the damaged trees are now putting out new growth where their leaves had been decimated.  These young, red oak leaves will have time to mature and provide extra energy to the trees to help them survive the assault.
Oak Leaves being Regenerated after Damage by Gypsy Moth Caterpillars

Let's hope the more pleasant summer weather will stay with us for a while now.

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