Sunday, March 24, 2013

March 24, 2013

Winter makes a comeback!  With another foot of snow this week, old man winter is hanging on strong.  And with the forecast of continued below-average temperatures, the winter of 2013 is looking like it's going to last.  This latest storm dumped heavy, dense snow which is holding up well even under the strong, post-equinox sun.

It's Going to be a Long Winter

Another check of the ice thickness shows it's also hanging tough at 17 inches.  Even mud season has been aborted as the roads have frozen up again.  About the only sign that spring is creeping forward is increasing open water at the outlet.

Although we did see a summer bird today:  A large Turkey Vulture soaring over the lake.  The guide books say they arrive in March - I'll bet it was surprised at what it found upon arrival this year!

The dam is fully open, with the water level down at minus 7 inches and flowing fast.  There will be good storage capacity in Lake Wicwas when all this snow finally melts, which could be important in preventing flooding because it's so late we may get a sudden warm spell causing rapid snow melt.

I'm thinking we should be careful with the bird feeders - the bears will be coming out now, hungry, and looking for food, and with all the snow, much of their usual food sources will be buried, and they'll be on the prowl!

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