Sunday, June 5, 2011

June 5, 2011

Things were a little cool around Lake Wicwas this week, and I’m convinced the lake cooled back down since the warm temperatures over Memorial Day weekend.  The air temperature was in the low forties several mornings, with mist coming off the water.  The cooler weather is prolonging the flowers, with lady slippers still blooming, and the bunchberries looking very healthy and fresh.

Cinnamon Fern

I also noticed these ferns - Cinnamon Ferns - that have spires shooting up from the middle of them.  I had not seen this type of flower before.

The most exciting news is that the loons have taken up a nest!  This picture is a little blurry because I took it a long ways off, and then blew it up quite a bit.  But you can clearly the see the loon sitting comfortably on its nest, as shown by it sitting with its head up high.  When a loon on a nest is concerned, it ducks its head down low against the water, probably trying to less conspicuous, as well as preparing to dive into the water if needed. 
Loon Nest
The water level has stabilized nicely, with an additional board put back in the dam.  In fact the water rose a couple of inches, and is right at full level.  One can see how a loon nest is so sensitive to water level and waves, being so close to the water line.  Loons can barely walk on land, so they  always make their nest right at the shore's edge.  So it will be important to be careful with boat wakes to keep the waves out of the nest!  About all we can do to help a successful nesting is keep away, boat carefully, and hope for the best.

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