Sunday, April 5, 2015

April 5, 2015

Opening day of fishing season came and went this week - I wonder why I haven't seen any bass boats on Lake Wicwas yet....
Lake Wicwas Boat Landing

Yesterday was my final excursion onto the lake.  Although there are still 21 inches of ice, including 6 inches of hard, black ice down there, the edges of the lake are getting soft, and it was a little dicey getting out to cut a hole.

There are shaded areas where one can still get onto the ice from shore, but I think I'm done.  I did take one more ski trip around the lake on April first, and I wasn't alone (I'm guessing HC and TG left their mark out there).  The sun fashioned a smooth, soft, yet very fast surface for us.  With my first ski trip of the winter logged back on November 28th, we had a long season for XC skiing around Lake Wicwas.

On my trip I was surprised to see a Great Blue Heron.  I didn't get a picture, but it was fishing in a tiny open spot along a sunny, south-facing shoreline.
Cracks in winter are starting to appear

Heron stay in the region all year, but move to areas where the water stays open throughout the winter.  Other birds are returning to Lake Wicwas as well.  I saw a turkey vulture soaring over the lake, and have also heard Canada Geese;  I expect to see them out walking on the ice soon.  And there was a duck at the inlet from Dolloff Brook.

Here's a grim (and totally erroneous) calculation:  Over the past two weeks the lake has lost 4 inches of ice.  At this rate we'll have ice out on June 13th!    Not to worry, it won't take that long.  Look - signs of spring are already pushing up!

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