Sunday, October 19, 2014

October 19, 2014

Heavy rain and strong winds have taken their toll on the trees around Lake Wicwas;  there are still a few pretty sights left, predominantly in the deeper yellows of the oaks.  Most of the maple leaves are now lying on the ground, getting ready to provide nourishment for next spring's wild flowers.

On a walk along Chemung Road one morning, while appreciating an unusually hued maple,

I noticed birds flitting out of the branches, and landing on the ground right at the edge of the pavement. 
Did you see the Chick-a-dee?

They had found a good supply of seeds that they were feasting on, fattening up for the coming winter. 


I think it likely they were white pine seeds that had been liberated from their cones by cars driving over them on the side of the road.

On the opposite side of the road were the tracks of several deer that must have passed by that morning.
White Deer Tracks

I have put out the trail camera a few nights recently, and though I haven't captured any deer, I do continue to see the gray fox most nights, passing in both directions on its hunting trips.

The very same morning I saw (and smelled!) a fluffy little skunk waddling along the side of the road. 

Autumn is good time to see nature!  I resisted the urge to get a closer picture....

The fog hanging over the lake was thick that morning, but now and again it would lift enough to see part way across, revealing a solitary creature out getting its breakfast as well.

This looked like an immature loon, perhaps our chick, but in the middle of the storm on Saturday I saw two loons out fishing in the rain.  One looks like an adult, but with the gray sky and rain in the air I can't be sure  - they both look rather mottled and gray.

The Wood Ducks must also have started their migration, I have seen several on the lake.

With more wind and cold temperatures tonight, maybe even a hard freeze, this may the last of the colorful offerings of 2014's fall season.

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