Sunday, August 11, 2013

August 11, 2013

We are already half way from the summer solstice to the equinox, and the changes are noticeable.  The sun is rising later, setting earlier, and the shadows are getting longer.  A couple of cool, dry, breezy days this weekend added to the feeling.

There was a lot of activity on the lake, with a bass tournament on Saturday, lots of kayakers, skiers and tubers, and a few windsurfers - everyone enjoying the perfect weather.  But once again, I didn't see much wildlife.  The loon pair did come by for a fishing trip early one evening.
Where shall we dine tonight?
Let's try the Emerald Isle

They seemed to be enjoying each others company, swimming and fishing together.
A Romantic Dinner out on the Lake

I noticed an infestation of another invasive species this week, the Japanese Beetle.
Japanese Beetles

These are common and well known in New England, having been introduced from Japan sometime before 1912.  It is thought they came in a shipment of Iris bulbs into New Jersey.  Although controlled in Japan by natural predators, they have few predators here and have become prolific and damaging.  One often finds many beetles on a given plant;  the presence of beetles on a plant attracts more beetles.  But I have never seen them all lined up in formation like I did on this Bracken Fern.

Even though they are very colorful, it's not a pretty sight.  The sight of Lake Wicwas on a beautiful summer day is much more enjoyable.

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