Sunday, August 21, 2011

August 21, 2011

This weekend brought in some classic late-summer weather to Lake Wicwas, with foggy mornings, warm, humid afternoons, and even a late day thunderstorm.

Foggy August Mornings
Dawn over Lake Wicwas from Crockett's Ledge

This was after some heavy rains earlier in the week which brought five inches of rain, bringing the lake back up several inches above full level.  Rather nice for this late in the summer.

After not seeing many deer this summer, on one of these foggy mornings I came across a whole herd of them.  I walked right past where they must have bedded down over night without seeing them.  It wasn't until I stopped to look at something on the ground, and then started walking again, that three or four of them sprung up from the low growth in the field and bounded off into the woods back where I just came from.  It was just a flurry of brown rumps and white tails.  If I were a predator, I wouldn't have known what to chase.  And then 50 yards later, entering the woods on the other side of the field, another two or three took off up the hill in the other direction.  Finally, 20 minutes farther down the trail, I spooked another off into the thick woods - who knows how many other animals watched me walk by and never revealed themselves.

On the other end of the animal spectrum, there were lots of frogs enjoying the humid weather.  One pickerel frog has been enteraining Linda all summer in one of her gardens.
Pickerel Frog

Plus I found a green frog sitting half submerged in a small pond.  The green frog has really bright green spot on its nose - this was my first chance to get a picture of one of these amphibians.
Green Frog

Here are a few more fungi to add to last week's collection, including one of my favorites, the Indian Pipe, which popped up this week.
Indian Pipe

And here was a cute yellow caterpillar to brighten up the day:
I also have started to see more ominous signs of late August, and what comes thereafter.  There are only a couple of stray branches on weak trees, but it's a sign....

And the humidity of August continues to bring intense sunsets!

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