Sunday, October 9, 2016

October 9, 2016

Fall color is building quickly around the Lakes Region but is not quite at peak yet as seen in the hills around Crockett's Ledge west of Lake Wicwas on this foggy morning.

Just a bit farther to the north the colors are peaking just in time for the Columbus' Day weekend visitors.  I took a hike on the Mount Welch-Dickey Loop on Friday and the color were outstanding. 

The Tripyramids from the Mount Welch ledges

So much for the predictions of poor color due to the lack of rainfall.  New Hampshire trees, like the animals and people, are resilient!

Even though many of the trees around the lake are still green, bright yellow and red maples are plentiful - especially along the shore lines - and the geese are standing up to get a good look.
Maple trees along the northeast shore of Lake Wicwas

Along Chemung Road near the boat ramp
And in Marion Cove

On my paddle I saw a small group of geese come soaring over head - probably from Oakland Cemetery - on their approach to a water landing on the lake.
Landing gear down

Final approach


The migratory birds have started making their way south, stopping in New Hampshire to rest for a day or two.
Male Wood duck

Black ducks, or maybe juvenile mallards?

It can be startling to be awoken half an hour before sunrise by the sound of shotguns taking aim at these handsome creatures, although Canada Geese are in season now, and we certainly can use a culling of the goose population.

On my way back from doing trail work in the Page Pond conservation area I saw this flock of gobblers in someone's yard.
Turkeys near Page Pond

Turkey season starts tomorrow (archery has been in progress since September 15).

Morning is usually the best time to see our wildlife;  if you're willing to rise early, cool misty mornings provide some of the best opportunities to witness the beauty that autumn in New Hampshire has to offer.
Just be sure to wear your own orange colors when walking in the woods!


  1. I am glad you have chosen a new professional hobby, Scott. This is a great contribution to humanity. Keep it up.

    1. Thanks for the great feedback - it's your encouragement that keeps me going!