Sunday, November 29, 2015

November 29, 2015

It's a fun time to explore the woods around the lakes, seeing the daily changes taking place, or discovering secrets hid by the heavy foliage of summer or the cover of snow in winter. 

Heavy rain raised the lake eight inches above full level, at which point several boards were removed from the dam which started to lower the lake rapidly.  On a cold night ice froze again on the surface around shallow, protected areas (you saw on Thursday that the beaver pond on Arbutus Hill froze over).  But then the lake dropped, and thin sheets of ice were left stranded, hanging onto trees and shorelines, dangling in space in delicate formations.

Drops of water show they are fleeting creations

On the very same day that the beaver pond was frozen there were hollows deep in the woods that displayed the intense green of summer in moss-encircled pools.

Right along Chemung Road, the bare branches of an apple tree exposed withering red fruit, that a few weeks earlier was disguised by green leaves, against a crystal blue sky.
Apple Trees along Chemung Road

Then there are things left behind in the forest, such as pine cones abandonded by a red squirrel.

Or an old steel pail from unknown date and origin left by a human.

This was near some wetlands in the middle of nowhere - perhaps it was someone collecting blueberries when they were chased away by a bear.    ;-)

That reminds me - it's still too early to put out the bird feeders! 

One last item - seen in the Oakland Cemetery with the trees bare along Meredith Center Road:  dozens of American flags placed at the sites of veteran's graves.  A wonderful tribute to our veterans, and a reminder of just how many have served in protecting our country and our freedom.
Veterans recognized at Oakland Cemetery

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