Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May 18, 2014

Signs of growth, renewal, and rejuvenation are everywhere around Lake Wicwas now.  The small, delicate wildflowers that emerge in the spring are coming into their full beauty, and with them arrives a wide range of insects that feed on the blossoms' nectar.
Hobblebush Viburnum

With Visitor


With its own Guest

Wild Strawberry

Fringed Polygala

Common Violet
Continuing with the progression of the Red Maple, the leaves that were tiny proteges grew rapidly in one week to become full-fledged photosynthesizing chlorophyll factories. 

Being the only trees to have developed large, green leaves, the forest is still wearing its early spring blazer of pale, yellow-green hue.

Another sign of renewal - a bright blue Robin's egg appeared one day. 

This particular beam has fledged baby robins before;  it is likely that by now another one or two eggs have arrived.  I hope I'll be able to follow this story of birth and development - it will require care and attention to not alarm the caretakers.

I wonder if the loons have selected their nesting site yet....

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