Sunday, March 11, 2012

March 11, 2012

Even with a few more inches of snow this past week, signs of spring are becoming abundant.  The brilliant white snow and warm sunshine made for beautiful spring days, and melted the new snow quickly wherever it had southern exposure.

The streams are flowing well with snow melt now, but there is still enough snow cover to form bridges to cross over them if you travel up or down stream a bit.

In a field there were a few well-melted tracks I couldn't identify, but following them into the woods it became clear it was a turkey - or actually four of them.  I've seen their tracks around the lake only a few times this winter.
Turkey Tracks

A sure sign of warm weather - if not necessarily spring - are the snow fleas.  I've seen these tiny insects as early as January, and as late as May depending on the temperature and the depth of the snow pack.
Snow Fleas
Yes, that's a real finger

Then along the lake edge I came across a set mink tracks that followed along my ski trail from last weekend. 

Mink Track

In this print I could just barely make out that there are two paw imprints in each footprint in this "2 by 2" trail.  The front feet land first, and then the rear feet land right on top of the front prints.

An audible sign of spring was the honking of Canada geese, as a group of three flew over the lake looking for enough water to take up their summer residence. I wonder how many will make Lake Wicwas their home this summer....

I also came upon yet another interesting beaver tree.  It must have been an inexperienced beaver that took this one down, as it didn't cut enough away on the lake side, so it split high up on the trunk, leaving an interesting landmark on the lake.

And even when you think you're surrounded by wilderness, signs of humans jump out at you.  I was standing right next to this tree stand before I even realized it was there.  I wonder if this hunter did as well as the coyotes  this year.

One other great sign of spring today:  the sugar shack on Chemung Road was boiling!  Fresh maple syrup will be ready soon;  I'm already thinking about this summer's blueberry pancakes!

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