Sunday, July 31, 2011

July 31, 2011

There has been a little more activity around Lake Wicwas in the past week, including with the weather.  There were very strong thunderstorms earlier in the week, with large hail and high winds.  I discovered three trees blown down across the trail in just one half-mile section of trail.  Several inches of rain fell over the week, and the lake level is now back up to spring-like levels.

I encountered a lot of birds this week.  One morning, picking blueberries, I was annoying several birds, as well as a beaver who was slapping its tail at me.  Even when you know what that sound is, it is still startling when you hear that sudden ker-splash in a quiet morning.  Then the chick-a-dees were scolding me loudly from the tops of the bushes, as I was keeping them from their normal rounds of breakfast fruit.  And a few minutes later, I heard an unusual clicking sound I didn't recognize.  Looking for the source, I found it to be a blue jay that was also angry with me.  It was making a fast clicking sound, like baseball cards in bicycle spokes - a new one for me.  Finally it flew off , sounding its usual call.

We've had lots of humming birds this year frequenting the flowers on the deck, as well as the humming bird feeder. 
Ruby Throated Hummingbird

I also got a good look at a heron from the kayak before he took flight.
Great Blue Heron

The baby loon continues to grow rapidly; now it's about half the size of the parents.  I didn't get any good pictures this week though. 

Something I haven't heard all summer is an owl.  It's interesting to me how much one year is different from another.  Last year we heard owls almost every day, and this year, not a one. 

Finally, I caught this raccoon walking down the road late at night.  It's clear he had just come from the lake, as his legs and belly are still wet.
Plus, another beautiful summer sunset.

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  1. and the hummingbird was competing with the yellow jackets for the "free nectar"!